dream big.

Join us and create the web3 future.
Let’s challenge the establishment.

Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Johannes Gutenberg and all the great minds in history have one in common. They are curious about ideas and turn them into reality. They challenge the establishment with breaking inventions. Inventions none expected to work – except the ones with big dreams, courage and dedication.

Individuals need simple access to financial resources to flourish but are limited by established barriers.

Brainbot is the space that empowers builders, creators and innovators to break these barriers. Pioneers that unleash the true power of individuals.

Do you have a dream? The courage and dedication to create building blocks for the future of web3?

Join us and create waves transforming into an unstoppable movement.

Turning Dreams
Into Ventures.

We have big dreams and act for them to come true.
Actions result in ventures that serve the Ethereum ecosystem.
Explore our ventures.


Enabling users to move digital assets across rollups.


Preventing users from being front-run by bad actors.


Providing developers with an off-chain scaling solution.


Offering people an alternative financial system.

Venture Builder

We provide entrepreneurs a space to innovate, create and build ventures.

Professional Services

We provide clients professional web3 services.

At brainbot, you can choose various career roles that fit your skills and traits. Choose a path and be a pioneer who grows existing ventures – or explore a new one.

Pioneers explore new paths. For others to follow.

In the web3 space, there are still unexplored paths. Exploring new paths requires knowledge, experience and courage.
Contribute to our existing and future ventures with your skills.

Learn about job roles that fit your traits.

Technology Role

Solidity, front-end, back-end developers or DevOps.

Web3 requires eyes
for secure code and secure infrastructure.

Product Role

Feature roadmaps, marketing and market validation.

Product owners requires divers skills to make a product successful.

Communication Role

Communities, channels and user engagement.

Content requires delightful stories to turn readers into followers.

Consultancy Role

Presentation, guidance and training.

Service requires empathy and clear communication for customers to stay happy.

Digital nomads?
Remote workers?
Yes and No.

We value the individual freedom to decide where to work from. At the same time, we favour on-site communication and collaboration.
We like to spend time together and have a break between our tasks by playing in our traditional ways; spike-ball in our Mainz office and fussball at our Berlin office – a brief time between tasks enables us to build up our relationships and create cohesion in so many fun ways!

Don’t worry if your working status does not allow you to be with us at our offices, we’ll meet you in-person at our annual company retreat and try to catch up there!

& Pioneers

Let pictures speak.

We have two offices, from where web3 talents are co-working and co-creating. Other team members work remotely across the globe.

At least once a year, we gather all brilliant minds to have a good time.

Besides the yearly retreat, we have chances to spend time with each other at web3 conferences, meetups and hackathons.

We provide the space
for ventures & talents
to create building blocks for the future of web3.


This is Ecem, I am the people and culture ambassador at brainbot!
We strive to provide open, secure and reliable web3 solutions with amazing colleagues and community collaboration.

We are the pioneers of the web3 space and aim to provide a home for talents like you! The web3 space requires a diverse culture to keep innovating and pioneering. If you have questions regarding our culture and career opportunities, contact me via LinkedIn.

For new job postings, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.