The Founders

Risky Journey.

Have a safe start with our web3 venture builder.

Finding good web2 developers is hard.
Try to find good web3 developers!

That’s just one of many other jobs you care for as a founder.

My first years of entrepreneurship in the web3 space would be much easier. Knowing that I would have two hackers from day one right next to me starting to build my vision. I am happy that the venture builder provides a safe kick-off for web3 entrepreneurs.

Florent Thurin

Web3 Serial Entrepreneur


2 Hackers

For every hustler, we will give you 2 hackers.


4 months salary

Match your current salary for four months.


MVP in 30 days

Launch an MVP in 30 days & raise pre-seed in 120 days.


Contact to investors

Get access to investors & a fundraising assistant.

That’s our promise.
To you.
The web3 founder.

We envision a world in which decentralized peer-to-peer technology empowers people to
self-organize effectively, so they are less reliant on top-down power structures and their negative side effects.


A venture builder.
Not shareholder.

We love to build. As you do.

For 20+ years, we have developed deep-tech products.
Since 2014 we have been building web3 infrastructure.

All that experience and resources we have, we’ll invest in you.
The web3 founder.

We’ll sweat, laugh, celebrate while co-building your venture.
We won’t hold the venture but set the foundation.
A foundation for you to fly that you can empower others – like we do.

Too Good.
To be True?
There is More.

Explore and Pioneer.
With less Risk.

Marketing, legal, accounting, mentors, communities and more.
Let’s get connected and we’ll share you insights how we can grow together.
The first step – send us a message with your big hairy & audacious dream.

What’s your big hairy & audacious dream?

Tell us in 2-3 sentences about your dream. In case you need a non-disclosure agreement.
Leave a remark in the message. No problem.

My web3 experience

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