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We share our market insights, best practices, and strategies to ideally position your project to help bolster the decentralized web. 

With more than 7 years of experience in developing web3 projects, we can support you along the whole way, covering all stages from ideation to scaling.

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Idea Validation

As a venture builder, one of our key processes is the validation of ideas. The analysis of an idea and the corresponding business model validity is conducted based on data, our experience and our knowledge of the market. Leverage our market expertise to fine tune your web3 product idea!


Web3 development is our home turf. We have spent most of the past 7 years building our own products and our code has been receiving great recognition in external audits. We facilitate your development process and support you with code design advice, e.g., for smart contract or protocols.


Entering a market in the web3 ecosystem is very different from entering any traditional markets. Not only with respect to their characteristics, but also in terms of distribution and advertising channels, web3 products are a different breed. Profit from our experience with launching web3 products!


Sufficient traction is a great milestone to achieve, but work does not stop here. Scaling your web3 product requires patience, resources and a profound marketing strategy. We support you with picking the right path, identifying strategic partners and refining your product to future-proof your business!

Our consulting services include

Web3 Business Strategy

To craft an effective business strategy, one thoroughly needs to know and understand the market. With multiple year of successfully operating in the web3 ecosystem, we can support with long-term strategic planning, including mergers and acquisitions. We’ll guide you the way.


Tokenomics may be overused as a buzzword, but it is in fact decisive for the success of a project. Tokenomics should be designed in a way that ensures sustainable financing for your project, especially with regard to healthy secondary markets. Count on us to find the right path for you.

Code Architecture

A sophisticated code architecture is crucial for complex projects, especially if they also require high levels of on-chain liquidity or span across multiple blockchains. We advise on various aspects of code architecture like smart contract/protocol design and gas optimisation.


Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are gaining more and more attention and the hype is justified – they might revolutionise the way we work, consume and take decisions. DAOs are not only a social phenomenon, but can even transform businesses. We’ll tell you how.

If you require any other web3-related consulting service for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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