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We offer services for web3 startups, enterprises, and for DAOs.

Benefit from our 20+ years of experience in deep tech and our 7+ years of expertise in building web3 infrastructure, protocols, apps, sustainable business models, and vibrant open-source communities.

Our Services include Security Audits, web3 Consulting and Development Services.

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Security Audits

We assess your smart contract code and help to identify any security vulnerabilities & remedies. You will gain confidence in your deployment decision and will be free to share our comprehensible full report publicly.

Consulting Services

We analyze your idea or approach. You will benefit from our in-depth review of possible protocol design choices to find the optimal architecture and product approach, without compromising on decentralization and openness.

Development Services

We develop and maintain software for Startups, Enterprise, or DAOs. We deploy an agile team with a bespoke skillset and developer capacity to bring your project to life, or to help you improve your existing solution.


Protecting Crypto Securities from Hackers: The Vital Role of Smart Contract Security under Germany’s eWpG

Become an ecosystem hero: How securing smart contracts in decentralized audits can earn you a living.

Is Web3 On The Verge Of Revolutionizing User Experiences?

Let’s build the web3 future and be pioneers together.

Here’s why we are the right match to boost your web3 project:


20 years of Deep Tech Development Business

We are a company that is deeply rooted in a versatile tech community. More than two decades of our companies’ history are proof of our experience, integrity, and reliability. We have a strong and versatile network of builders and experts.


Ethereum Pioneers With an Open Source Track Record

In 2014 our team was one of the first to contribute to Ethereum’s Python Client. Since then we have fully committed to help building the web3 and enable self-custodial digital ownership for all. Our teams’ Github shows.

Venture Builder Solving Complex Challenges

We contribute to several building blocks of the web3 ecosystem. We currently develop solutions and foster communities around scaling,  cross-roll-up bridges, MEV protection, shielded DAO voting, and more…


Tech Know-How Combined with Business Expertise

Our teams’ tech-savvy is enhanced by our business experts that bring multi-year specialized experience in financial, legal, accounting, and commercial structuring of web3 ventures.


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