Receive an audit report from our experienced team, freely publishable to your community.


Full Code Assessment

Two of our auditors will examine your code line by line. They work independently of each other to comply with the two-man rule and ensure the maximum level of security. We preferably work with code written in solidity, but we are also familiar with a variety of other languages.

Proposals for Remedies

During the audit, we will propose remedies or mitigation measures to tackle the vulnerabilities found throughout the audit. Further, our auditors will examine the remedy implemented by your team to ensure that the vulnerability is understood and fixed.

Code Optimization

If applicable, our auditors will propose optimization strategies in order to minimise your project’s resource consumption. Specifically, this refers to a variety of potential improvements such as gas, liquidity or run time optimization.

Freely Share Our Report

The final report is the end product of the audit process and lists each of the potential vulnerabilities found in the audit, categorises them by severity and includes the respective client-side statements. The report is written in a way to be easily understood and can be shared as desired.

Sleepless nights.
INVEST IN Top-tier Security.

With every project, insecurity increases along the way from mock-up to proof-of-concept to launch. The more your project grows, the more is at stake. Play the safe game by investing into the security of your project.

auditing team

Minimum of two Smart Contract Auditors

Our auditing Teams always consist of at least two Smart Contract Auditors. They review your code and document their findings independently of each other.

Battle-tested and experienced Coders

By building and launching five long-term projects within the last years, we have accumulated loads of theoretical knowledge, and practical experience.

Experts in Cryptography, Finance & Law

Depending on your individual requirements, your Auditing Team will be enhanced by a dedicated expert. Our expert staff consists of cryptography, legal, and finance experts.

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Have an intro call

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NDA & Screening

We will sign a non-disclosure agreement, screen your code and make you an offer.


Code assessment

If you sign Master Agreement & Statement of Work, we will audit your code and notify you about any vulnerabilities in real time.


Intermediary report

We will compile an intermediate report with all issues found in the auditing process. Upon reception, you can respond to all findings.


Final report

Once we receive your statements and updates for each issue, we prepare the final report in a publishable format.

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