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We overcame a lot of challenges when building our web3 ventures. Along the way, we have created processes and tools that can support your web3 initiative so you can achieve your goals faster.

Smart Contract Audit

The web3 space is experiencing exploits almost every day. Secure smart contracts are the key to the long-term success of any web3 initiative and make your developers confident to deploy.

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Web3 is complex. It´s not easy to make informed decisions. To onboard businesses into the web3 ecosystem we constantly keep our knowledge up-to-date and train future web3 professionals.

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We started as a search engine technology company in 2000.
In 2014, we joined Ethereum as an early and major contributor.
Since then, our heart is beating for blockchain
and decentralized p2p technologies.

Where we work from

Mainz Office
Taunusstrasse 61
55120 Mainz

Berlin Office
Glogauer Str. 5
10999 Berlin

We have two offices, from where web3 talents are co-working and co-creating. Other team members work remotely across the globe.

Drop us a message, have a coffee, or grab a brainbot self-brewed beer if you are around.

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Since the inception of Ethereum, we have built
pioneering solutions for the web3 ecosystem.

To empower people and businesses
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