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Improving Web3 User Experience on all Levels.

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We contribute, develop and grow web3 ventures that improve the user experience on all levels.

Enabling users to move digital assets across rollups fast and securely.

Rollups are scaling solutions to transfer digital assets from one owner to another owner quickly within the same rollup.

Beamer offers an intuitive and seamless bridge solution that specializes in cross-rollup transfers. This helps asset owners to transfer their asset from one rollup to other EVM compatible rollups.

The goal is to provide a smooth user experience to make Ethereum more accessible. Beamer is a community-driven open-source project and is based on collaborative efforts.

Protecting users from malicious MEV and

Front-running and malicious Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) is a burden for web3 users. It is hidden behind your wallet activities and you don’t know whether a bot, miner or validator extracted value from your transaction.

Shutter is our contribution to reduce front-running and MEV for the ecosystem and its users by using a threshold cryptography-based distributed key generation (DKG) protocol.

The DKG protocol can be implemented in different use cases where commit and reveal schemes can be applied. Rolling Shutter and Shutter Governance are two use cases.

Rolling Shutter

MEV protection for rollups on Ethereum. It implements the DKG scheme into sequencer flow in order to protect all dapps deployed on the rollup. This increases censorship resistance and potentially latency properties.

Shutter Governance

Snapshot implemented Shutter Governance and offers shielded voting for Ethereum in the form of partial privacy using threshold encryption. Learn more about shielded voting and our collaboration with Snapshot.

From on-chain
data analytics to infrastructure provider.

AnyBlock Analytics is a venture offering developers access to data from Ethereum via a search index available via an API that can execute queries written with the Elasticsearch Query-DSL.

The venture provides additional consulting, blockchain development and infrastructure services.

In November 2021 AnyBlock Analytics was acquired by Blockdaemon.

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