Gradually, then suddenly: brainbot technologies AG is transforming from a development studio into a Web3 venture builder and professional services boutique.

At brainbot, we envision a world in which decentralized peer-to-peer technology empowers people to self-organize effectively, so they are less reliant on top-down power structures and their negative side effects. That’s why we are developing open-source building blocks for the Ethereum ecosystem like Raiden, Beamer, Shutter and POWdump, as well as the people-powered-money network Trustlines. In this article, you’ll learn more about what’s next for us, and how we want to help grow the crypto economy and our team.

Our Foundations

brainbot has been around for a while. It was founded in the year 2000. After developing Internet search engine technology in the founding years, we pivoted to contributing to the (then nascent) Ethereum ecosystem in 2014. In that phase, we programmed the initial versions of the Ethereum Python Client. Already in that early phase, we anticipated that scaling would become a major challenge for blockchain technology. We took a deep-dive into scaling solutions for the Ethereum network and were commissioned to develop the open source payment channel solution Raiden Network.

Our Journey

With the in-depth blockchain expertise gained from our early long-term projects, we established ourselves as a crypto-focused development studio and consulting firm. We are commissioned by public bodies, supranational organizations, open source software foundations, and other clients. We provide development, consulting, marketing and communications, and community building work for various projects in the field of blockchain, Ethereum & Web3 infrastructure and applications.
Furthermore, we are involved in active research projects eligible for research allowance from the Federal Republic of Germany for our threshold-encryption research. Lastly, we are also a member of iBlockchain, a public research venture investigating the use of blockchains in industrial contexts.

Our Team

We have grown as a team from around 10 to 30+ ‘brainies’. Our expertise ranges from Smart Contract development and Web3 Full Stack development, to finance, accounting, legal, (international) HR management, to research, community building and business development.

Our Future

For the upcoming year 2023, we are proud to announce that we are extending our activities to become a venture builder and professional services boutique. We aim to help Web3 projects build open, secure, and reliable infrastructure.
Our team of experts will provide a home for founders and their ventures, including funding, fundraising, marketing, legal, accounting, mentoring, community building, and more.

With our professional services boutique, we will provide to our clients, whether independent early-stage or matured projects, strategy & business consulting, smart contract audits, and development support, along with other offerings customized to the needs of Web3 projects.

“We are thrilled to be able to use our expertise in developing blockchain technology to help companies take advantage of this exciting new paradigm,” said Heiko Franßen (CEO), “we hope that we can provide not just technical expertise but also strategic guidance on how best to structure your project while navigating through possible regulatory hurdles.”

Our Ventures

We want to be the home for Web3 talents. To achieve this mission, we are helping entrepreneurs to reduce the risks and increase their chances of success. Why?

Building a successful startup is hard, but building a Web3 venture is even harder.

Regulations are unclear, and the lack of Web3 knowledge are two among various uncertainties that increase the risk of failure. We have learned our lessons in the last 7 years. You don’t have to take all those risks.

When we decide to co-found with you, we offer you the following:

  • Compensation: We’ll match your current salary.
  • Validation: We’ll validate your customer-problem-solution set.
  • Development: We’ll co-build a Minimum viable product around your vision.
  • Funding: We’ll match make your venture with pre-seed funders.

Our Services

We want builders to benefit from our 20+ years of experience in deep tech and our 7+ years of expertise in building Web3 infrastructure, protocols, apps, sustainable business models, and vibrant open-source communities. We group our Services into 4 categories:

  • Security: We assess your smart contract code to identify any security vulnerabilities.
  • Strategy: We find the optimal architecture and product approach, without compromising on decentralization and openness.
  • Business: We share our experience and approach to structuring sustainable Web3 initiatives.
  • Support: We develop and maintain software, provide research, and train entrepreneurs.

Get in touch!

We’re excited to start this new adventure and help build (and invest in) the next wave of Web3 ventures. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact us: