The Founder’s

Risky Journey.

Have a safe start with our web3 Founder in Residence program.

We provide founders & builders a space to
grow & scale.

We are here to build with you solutions for problems that matters. Solutions waiting for millions of users to be onboarded.

With the Founder in Residence (FIR) program we want to help founders to solve real world problems that has high impact on users and the web3 ecosystem.


Why is growing & scaling a web3 venture hard?


Our primary research identified following pain points
and needs of web3 founders.


Advice building web3 venture


Problem & solution validation support


Software Development expertise


Fundraising network & support



Secondary market research shows that ventures fail
because of following main reasons.


Get outcompeted


Run out of cash


No market need


Legal challenges




Providing you with a salary for the first four months.



Validating your customer-problem-solution set.


Building a Minimum viable product around your vision.


Matching with pre-seed funders for your venture.


Benefit from our in-house support
and network and increase your chances of success.


Experienced Web3 developers provide hands-on support.



In-house lawyers clarify commercial & regulatory aspects.

Finance & Tax

Accountants familiar with Web3 help with financial planning & controlling.


Growth hacking support to build your Web3 community.


Fundraising assistance with access to our funding network.



Access our talent pool and benefit from our recruitment processes.


Find support from our mentors & advisors network.


Access to our industry network & research database.

Start your web3 journey.


Build and scale a venture from scratch.

Join an excellent team of pioneers and shape the future of the internet economy. Apply for the Founder in Residence program at brainbot.

Asked Questions

Who is brainbot in a Nutshell?

brainbot is a pioneering web3 venture builder. We have been building on Ethereum since March 2014. brainbot envisions a world where decentralized peer-to-peer technology empowers people to self-organize effectively and reduce reliance on top-down power structures. Therefore, we provide a home for talented individuals to build web3 ventures. The mission for our existing and future ventures is to bring back data ownership to the people and provide access to alternative systems. 

What is the goal of our Founder in Residence program?

The goal of the program is to co-found and co-build web3 ventures with external talents. The program includes four core pillars: validation, development, funding, and compensation. The program helps to validate your customer-problem-solution set, build a minimum viable product (MVP), match you with pre-seed funders for your venture, and compensate you for the four months of the program.

What can you expect as a web3 founder from brainbot?

The program offers support in problem and solution validation, software development, and fundraising. brainbot provides corporate structures, talent recruitment, legal and tax advice, and accounting, controlling, and administrative support. In more concrete terms, you will be supported by:


  • 1-2 software developers building and supporting your Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • 1-2 venture analysts/-developers supporting you finding initial product-market-fit
  • Legal advice from our in house General Counsel
  • Fundraising support and coaching from our Head of Commercial
  • Standard processes to recruit and hire your future team members after pre-seed funding
  • Advice from our venture leads who have built several web3 ventures
  • Advice from our experts in tokenomics, cryptography, taxation, privacy and financial controlling
  • Financial analyst helping you to prepare your financials for pre-seed funding
  • Access to venture capital firms with a web3 investment thesis
  • An existing distribution channel and network, so you can grow your audience and find potential customers for your product


We focus on the “boring but important foundations for success” so you can put your effort in building the product and team.

What do we expect from a Founder in Residence?

brainbot is looking for candidates who are seasoned (web3) entrepreneurs. The candidate should aim for founding and scaling a purpose-driven and revenue-driven web3 venture. As a Founder in Residence, you will be responsible for building a team, a product, and processes to make your vision come true. The driver’s seat is yours. This is not a 9-5 job! It’s not a job at all. 


In general, candidates should have the following experience:


  • Entrepreneur who has built and scaled an own company in the past. 
  • Product management and development of complex IT solutions
  • Applied lean methodologies and frameworks to launch products as quickly as possible (Scrum, Lean Canvas, Kanban, etc.)
  • Building long-lasting business and partnership relations
  • Excellent communication skills to pitch your venture for fundraising and winning talents
  • Hiring new employees
  • Budgeting and planning

What are the stages of the Founder in Residence Program?

The program includes four core stages: 

  1. problem validation, 
  2. solution validation, 
  3. high-fidelity MVP, 
  4. and fundraising. 


These stages include validation of assumptions across the venture idea. In the form of experiments such as interviews, landing pages, and building low and high fidelity MVPs. During fundraising, you will receive assistance in setting up a pitch deck, data room, and investment memo. Also, we support during investor calls and provide access to our funding network. The program is designed to last 120 days.

What happens after the Founder in Residence Program?

Goal is to secure pre-seed funding within the first 4 months. Afterwards, you may choose to become a venture lead within brainbot or turn your venture into your own company. In either scenario, you will be responsible to hire your team, grow and become autonomous over time.

What is the application process?

Pick if you want to apply for a business founder or tech founder. As soon we receive your application, following steps will follow:

  1. We’ll screen your CV and track record
  2. If your profile matches our selection criteria, we’ll invite you to a first interview
  3. If you pass the interview, we ask you to pitch your business idea
  4. If your business idea meets our standards, we’ll invite you to a 2nd interview
  5. If you pass our 2nd interview step, one or more online workshops follows
  6. If you pass the online workshop(s), we invite you to an onsite workshop in Mainz or Berlin
  7. We both decide whether we are the best fit to co-build the new venture

Do you have unanswered questions? 


Send us a message.

Nhân Vũ

Nhân Vũ

Head of Venture Pipeline

Hey this is Nhân.

I am helping founders to move their ideas forward.

I am your sparring partner in strategy, team- & product development and project management.

I have built startups and communities in the past and still side hustling. I am passionate networker and love to connect founders with the right people in our ecosystem.

Feel free to shoot me a message.

Tim Kreling

Tim Kreling

Venture Analyst

Hi, this is Tim!

I’m your main point of contact during the program’s selection process.

I have experience in web3 venture building, consulting & startups. With my market insights and web3 research work, I help founders to make informed decision to develop their business models.

Ask me anything about the brainbot’s Founder in Residence program. I am happy to read your questions via email, twitter or LinkedIn.

Feel free to connect with me.

A venture builder.
Not shareholder.


We love to build. Like you do.

For 20+ years, we have developed deep-tech products.
Since 2014 we have been building web3 infrastructure.

All that experience and resources we have, we’ll invest in you.
The web3 founder.

We’ll sweat, laugh, celebrate while co-building your venture.
We won’t hold the venture but set the foundation.
A foundation for you to take off and empower others – just as we do.