Web3 HackathonS, Conferences and Events.

We support builders, innovators and the web3 ecosystem by researching, hacking and co-building.

Contribution, Community & Collaboration.

As a web3 pioneer, we believe collaborative experiments and research help us and the ecosystem to explore new paths to solve hard problems. Hackathons are a great way to achieve this.

It is a collaborative effort increasing knowledge and expertise in the complex web3 field – for all parties.

Research: Shutterized Beacon Chain

Ethresearch is a semi-public forum for participating in Ethereum’s research efforts. We co-submitted our research work how MEV can be solved on the Layer-1 beacon chain.

The Merge data challenge

The Ethereum Foundation called data scientists, data engineers, data visualizers, developers, and anyone interested in digging into Ethereum data for a challenge.

Swapping PoWETH after The Merge

We developed PoWDump with partners helping users to swap PoWETH to ETH. Within 1 month more than $1,000,000 worth of ETH went into users’ wallet.

Often times we find joy and fun as we strive in complexity!

In some cases, a small idea within the research work turns into a venture.

Presentations & Lightning Talks.

Watch and listen to our people sharing their research work and ideas with the web3 community.

We have been contributing since 2014, and we could share many more videos and talks here — some recent videos you can find here.

Reducing trust assumptions in PBS using threshold decryption

Jannik at the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research in August 2022.

Trustlines People Powered Money – Real World Case Studies

Andreas at EthCC 2021 presents how a new money system can be more inclusive.

GraffitETH – the Ethereum graffiti wall for fair pixel price

A hackathon idea of our team at EthDenver & ColoradoJam 2021.

Learn about our founder-in-residence program

Learn about our people and culture at brainbot.